Tribute to small formats

an overview of the gallery's artists.

36 artists , 2 openings

December 4 to 22 : Opening Thursday, December 5 : 6-9 PM

Jan 22 - March 1: opening Wednesday 22 Jan : 6-9 PM


This 2013 last exhibition  will also be the first one of the new year, rich, full of surprises and mainly devoted to "small sized works" of our artists. Through the constant renewal of exposed works, you will be able to discover, revisit, and acquire, for yourself or a loved one, pieces by artists who have already been presented in the gallery since it opened last April :

Nicole BOTTET, Gottfried SALZMANN,  Gisèle LACROIX, WOLFRAM, Jörg HERMLE, Bernard LE NEN, Bernard THOMAS- ROUDEIX, Pierre DUCLOU, Franck DUMINIL, Yutaka IMAÏ, Pascale PROFFIT, Pierre SAINT- PAUL, Marc PRIALNIC, Jean Paul SOUVRAZ.

You will also discover  works of new artists who will participate in forthcoming exhibitions in the gallery :

Christophe BISKUP, Catherine BOUROCHE, Frédéric BRIGAUD, Pierre DESSONS, Monique DOLLE-LACOUR, DUSKA, Marc GIAI-MINIET, Jean François GUZRANYI, Abraham HADAD, Hans JORGENSEN, Tokuhiro KITAKATSU,  Janine KORTZ-WAINTROP, Ariel MOSCOVICI, Shitomi MURAKAMI, Philippe RILLON, Sylvie RIVILLON, Kyoko SASAÏ, Pierre SOUCHAUD, Jean François TABURET, K VASILI, Pascale VEYRON, Isabelle VIALLE.

 Thus, the small sized works, traditionally more "affordable", always find their due place on the walls of the amateur. But the greatness of a work of art does not lie in its size, but in the spirit that animates it.

These small sized works are also "great works". Small or large, we expect them to show us the same commitment, the same presence, the same humanity.