Jean-Patrice Oulmont

 Jean-Patrice Oulmont's sculptures and their delicate simplicity resonate with the sobriety of "Black and White". The wood raw material is smooth or rough and, still it has kept the silent vitality of the tree from which it sprang. This vegetal brother, by slow maturation and after its sublimation by the gaze of the artist, becomes a sculpture. "The sculpture does not exist until it is not brought to completion. This result can be expressed as a relationship between the strength of the work's inner architecture and the lightness of the sensation expressed with a high sensitivity " wrote J. P Oulmont. We find the back here, as between the black and white, the same tension between outside and inside, the full and the empty. The spirit enters into deep communion with the matter.

marianne Rillon from the text of the exhibition "Between Black and White" (march-april 2016).

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Resolutely abstract since ever, Louis THOMAS d'HOSTE's sculpture combines a quest for spiritual perfection with the seductions and the sensuality of forms, slowly conducted toward the roughness or softness of their marble skin. Here,  rigour and even essential simplicity of the shape is projected onto the stone since its initial conception. These sculptures soothe. They tell us about their author's calmness, gentleness and obstinate intention of celebrating life. They vibrate with a human and cosmogonic spiritual presence amplified in infinite echoes inscribed in the marble’s delicate quivering. They invite the touch of a caress.


 We are very sorry to announce the death of Louis Thomas d'Hoste. Born in 1922, Louis was devoted body and soul to his art and has showed a serene conception of existence. He has never been his age and has always sung youth and life with optimism, even when he announced us, some time ago, the terrible disease that was finally to prevail. Also, we received the news of his disappearance with as much sadness as astonishment. Louis Thomas d'Hoste leaves a magnificent work, which fully agree his conception of existence.

Paris on February 7th, 2018.

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Hans Jorgensen

‟ For me a sculpture must have a vitality of its own. I don’t mean a reflection of the vitality of life, of movement, physical action, frisking, dancing or agonizing and so on, but that a work can have a pent up energy, an intense life of its own, independent of the object I may represent. When a work has this powerful vitality we don’t connect the word beauty with it. Between beauty of expression and power of expression there is a difference of function. The first aims at  pleasing the senses, the second has a spiritual vitality which for me is more moving and goes deeper than the senses. Because a work doesn’t aim a reproducing natural appearances, it is not, therefore, an escape from life but maybe a penetration into reality, an expression of the significance of life, a stimulation to greater effort of living.”

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Born in 1952, Budapest. Between 1973 and 1978 he completed his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw and in Budapest. In 2011 he received the degree of Doctor of Liberal Arts, DLA, at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in Budapest. Since 2011 he lives in Paris and Budapest. He is represented in Paris by Galerie Martel-Greiner and Galerie Art Aujourd'hui and in Budapest by Bergman Gallery.

Works in public collections

British Museum (GB), American Numismatic Society – N.Y. (USA), Graf Zeppelin-Haus (D), Museum of Fine Arts - Poznan (PL), Skironio Museum - Athens (GR), Hungarian National Museum (H)

Recent One man shows

2015 Spiritual gravitation Fuga, Budapest (H)

2014 Spiritual gravitation Vajda Stúdio, Szentendre (H)

2016 Abstraction?  ART aujourd'hui gallery

Recent Collective exhibitions

2015 69. Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Parc Floral, Paris (F)

109 Biennial, Paris (F)

(Meta)physik der Gegenwart, Bad Saeckingen (D)

2014 68. Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Parc Floral, Paris (F)

Reflections with Remi Favier, Thomas Lardeur, Paola Palmero, Galerie Duchosal, Paris (F)


Sculptures ( small  bronzes) in permanence in our gallery

(Please notice that we can permanently organize a visit of Kalmar's studio in Paris, where he keeps his large and smaller bronze sculptures while he is  working in his Budapest's Studio).
Contact, Philippe Rillon 33679743843