The ogre's faces

Pierre DESSONS, paintings and sculptures, Marc GIAI-MINIET, paintings, boxes and prints.

March 5 to April 13


  Featuring works by  Marc GIAI-MINIET and Pierre DESSONS is always a risky challenge, because these two artists derogate from the habits of the " art world ".  On the contrary of its post-modern attitudes, they ask and harshly question us upon the meaning of life, while our epoch manifests a complete lack of benchmarks and imagination in the hierarchy of its values.

Marc Giai-Miniet and Pierre Dessons are disturbing, because their both universes, in spite of being so different, dig our shadow side. They tear up the mask of the"good" feelings and of the well settled "goodness." They "make" the Ogre, figure outcome of the childhood's terrors and infernal depths. Giai-Miniet and Dessons are talking about the difficult relationship with the "other", the illusory and stealthy nature of the exchange. With the Sartre of " Huis clos ", they might say: "Hell is other people". However, hell is also within us, and if it happens, by chance, that their imaginary meet our daily life, it will be in order to emphasize the character of " the uncanny " (Freud) of a world appearing suddenly as hostile and frightening. Yet their singular theatres of metamorphoses, open, to one able to see, towards new forms of beauty, in order to say better the paradoxes of our time. Painters, they do not make pretty pictures but beautiful works. Reaffirming the omnipotence of art and thought, they re-enchant the world with a salutary hint of animism. And the Ogre is blissfully kept away by a heavy dose of this black humour so dear to the surrealists' heart.


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Pierre Dessons or the  magic spells of the fiction


Pierre Dessons's figuration refers to perverse fantasies of childhood, to desire to see and know the inconceivable of the erotic relationship. In the enclosed space of his theatre, the urges hold all the roles. His female action figures, inflatable dolls, pin-up and Lolitas are the only objects of an impossible desire while males are uncouth and ridiculous puppets, slicked fops, greyish objects, shapeless, devalued, played, dominated.

And Pierre Dessons emphasizes their existence as objects. His characters, are dryly painted or carved. They are toys and his work is playfull! He plays and  enjoys fooling us! But as the child breaks his toy to see what is inside, Dessons, dislocates his puppets as well as the enclosed space in which they play this unlikely comedy, simulacrum of the existence of the "great people". Thanatos, then,  introduces himself, in the enclosed space refolded in the picture vertical plane, saturated with worrying signs and broken with multiple changes of scale …


 Marc GIAI-Miniet and the powers of shadow


The paintings, prints and boxes by Marc GIAI - Miniet  invoke many underground and indeterminate places where the shadow always triumph of the light . One enters there through burglary, with a gourmand eye but guilty of surprising some manipulations or some illicit traffics, or to reveal some unspeakable secret, some furtive and seedy exchange. Some clandestine operations and laborious industries or digestions took place here. The air is rare and unbreathable. In these spaces crossed by pipes and circulations, half and half machines and organs, something is reappeared which was originally intended to remain hidden, while beings share a problematic existence,  apparitions, chrysalids, larvae or mummies, are involved in mysterious businesses within many circulations. By this strange coexistence between insectoid masks and larval moisture, Marc Giai-Miniet bares out  our humoural and primal part. That part of ourselves, immersed into the murky depths, bothers us, anguish us and despairs us. But this concern is precious, because our petrified eyes, then may finally glimpse the feeling of the sublime.




Pierre Dessons

Born in 1936 , Pierre Dessons lives and works in Joinville-le -Pont . Painter and
sculptor, he builds rich scenic areas inhabited by visions and recurring fantasy.
Pierre Dessons has participated in numerous exhibitions, solo and collective,  including:the latest:
Lefor Openo gallery, Paris . - Mathilde Hatzenberger Gallery, Brussels - Gallery
Artrial, Perpignan .
Participation in Art Fairs and Salons:   Grands et Jeunes d'aujourd'hui- Salon de Mai – biennales des 109 etc ...

" Painter of animated compositions, characters, drawings , mixed medias ,

narrative figuration. From 1951 to 1956 was a student at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Geneva, in the section sculpture. He dropped some time painting and turned to advertising, television, and animation. From 1965 until today , he participated in personal and collective exhibitions particularly in Paris. His paintings tell stories of family and love, not those of fairy tales, but rather those of everyday life, with its crises, which meet tenderness and cries, where the  laughs succeed to quarrels. In this  painting of the intimate with  dynamic graphisms, pastel shades, the characters are moving in a closed world like puppets, a distressing world that is counterbalanced by a certain humor. "


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Marc GIAI – Miniet

Marc Giai - Miniet was born in 1946 in Trappes ( France ) where he still lives and works today.

Graduate of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux- Arts in Paris, he early became interested in the  Surrealists and  Kafka, Borges, Michaux, philosophy, the poetry ... He realizes quickly that artists are involved in the world and reflects a social , humanistic and spiritual engagement. As a painter, engraver and "boxes maker", he produced ceramics and exhibits his work regularly. He created " Les Editions du nain qui tousse " who publish confidential and unpublished texts of poets accompanied by his engravings .

He is Secretary of the "Salon de Mai", and is engaged in  cultural life of his region.

In 2000, he was made Chevalier of Arts and Letters by Catherine Tasca, Minister of Culture. In 2012 , he published a monograph published by " AREA , Editions ",  "Pour les nuages passer par l'escalier ".