Calm weather

Light creates shadows as a demonstration of its power. One of our previous exhibitions was focused on "The dark side". But this time, the artists we present, do not ignore their inner turmoils and storms but prefer contemplating calmer shores. The creation's difficult struggle is the quest for harmony and reconciliation with the world. Shadow is transcended by the joy of living in the beauty of nature. Water, earth, sky, primordial elements are at the heart of Giambatista Bresciani's paintings, Jean-Marc Ehanno's drawings and pastels, Nadine Cosentino's pastels and Catherine Bouroche's sculptures. From these works, diversified in form and material, There exudes a serene energy as an invitation to rediscover the harmony of the world



Giambatista BRESCIANI

"Ciel d'eau, eau de terre ...” Thus was titled his latest exhibition at the Orangerie de Cachan in January 2015. Everything is said, Both water and earth are the core of his universe as a primordial couple. The mountains above Lake Iseo, his native country (North Italy), have shaped his painterly universe. Nature, transfigured by pictorial material, is deployed and inscribed in large canvases where empty and full are balanced in perfect harmony. We forget the landscape to reach pure painting. The intuitive control of the composition, the delicate balance of colours, are an appeal to the jubilation of the senses; and the Apollonian form leads us into the territory of pure aesthetic pleasure.


Jean-Marc EHANNO

JM Ehanno, also looks at the world with serenity. "Beaches", "Between sand and water", "Calm lake", " Water heaven" are the titles of some of his drawings and pastels. The landscapes are suggested with the precise geometry that encourages silence and meditation. As Henri Raynal wrote so well, " Nature tamed by a geometrical discipline which does not violent it, but adds majesty to its own." Color quietly plays his score, combining the delicate refinement of gray's pastels values in a slow and humble juxtaposition. Violence of the elements, the soul's torments find appeasement in the discreet harmony of these landscapes leading to serenity.


 Ceaselessly, the waves break on the beach, then retreat, then return. This perpetual motion, forever the same but always different, attracts the eye and no one can escape the fascination. In a rich series of pastels entitled "From lands and seas" Nadine Cosentino tirelessly tries to capture the intangible latent harmony core of this always repeated "to and fro". She explores the mysterious fusion of elements. "The mind oscillates: what between the waves and rocks will break out or will congeal...?" She wrote. The pastel's powdery evanescence, combined with the precise line of the pencil states this ambiguity perfectly. Then, in unison with the ambivalence of the landscapes, an oceanic feeling gradually invades the mind. We join the movement, we breath.

Catherine BOUROCHE

The sculptures of Catherine Bouroche lead us in the aerial realm. Create with clay the fugitive, the impalpable, the ephemeral, and the most intangible element: the cloud, is an astonishing paradox. A paradox even more, the combination of cloudy lightweight forms with earthy rigid shapes, constraints they are ceaselessly escaping. Catherine Bouroche, with delicacy and lightness, likes to surprise and question our eyes and minds. Her clouds never suggest storms nor dramas. Look, it's raining ...! I do not mind it! We can catch the clouds through the window, pet them, they are smooth, take their imprint, put them in a cage, we can open the cage, examine and dissect them, nothing serious! And the sky is clear and limpid, just like the glass plate or the mirror by which it is portrayed.