Night's arcana

 Night's arcana

15 March - 22 April 2017
Denis POUPPEVILLE - Victor SOREN - Isabelle VIALLE, painters
Hans JORGENSEN, sculptor

Night sets in, the lights of consciousness go out. The mind oscillates between fright and fascination. In the upcoming twilight, opposites are mixing and hybrid creatures are getting drawn. The being's hidden face reveals itself, breaking taboos and their cortege of transgressions, debaucheries, and death. The works of the exhibition "Night's arcana" as the ancient alchemists' secret formulas, present themselves as enigmas. Their mystery remains intact, no interpretation nor code will clarify their worrying strangeness. The displayed four artists explore each in his own way the depths of the night. Disturbing animal or human figures at Victor Soren's, interloping characters at Denis Pouppeville's, warriors and amazons looming out of the dawn of time in Hans Jorgensen's, barques stranded out of a distant journey in Isabelle Vialle's are such singular aspects illuminated by black light as an echo of the nights that inhabit us.


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Victor SOREN


Victor SOREN Au fond de la souille Pierre noire et techniques mixtes sur papier 48x68cm 2011



 Entering the universe of Victor Soren, is envisaging the unimaginable to confront tearing, pain, wound and death. Drawing after drawing, the artist develops with black chalk and charcoal the multiple faces of anxiety.
Wounded, amputated, mutilated animals agonize in the shade. Teddy-bears, dolls, relics of a devastated childhood play cruel games with enigmatic rituals. "His favorite material is black chalk... He draws with his fingers and his hands out of a real hand-to-hand with the image, sanding, scraping with the cutter, polishing with the fingers, developing over time all kinds of techniques from his invention ", writes Jean-Michel Maubert in the postface of his two short stories inspired by the work of V. Soren. These drawings that dig night of consciousness leave no one indifferent. But isn't this taste for darkness, a major trend of modern sensibility dating back from surrealism to romanticism, passing through symbolism and the marquis de Sade ?

Victor SOREN Justine ou les infortunes de la vertu Pierre noire et techniques mixtes sur papier 21x34cm


Isabelle VIALLE

Isabelle VIALLE Les échoués acrylique et pigments sur toile 38x46cm 2017

 Isabelle Vialle's new works, "Les Echoués - The beached" are in perfect continuity with its previous series, The Trees and Douves that we presented in 2015, as well as the "Chaotic Arteries" in 2017. From a theme to another, she is always painting abandoned things or beings, drifting to the heart of abandonment and to the brink of forgetfulness. "Les Échoués" evokes the vestiges of immemorial journeys. Boats ran aground somewhere. The night of memory swallowed them little by little. Their skeletons like empty chest cages or dry trees stand up and gently sink into the blur of a sky confused with earth.


Isabelle VIALLE Les échoués acrylique et pigments sur toile 50x40cm 2017



Denis POUPPEVILLE Le magicien Technique mixte sur papier 55,5x67cm 2016

Denis Pouppeville is known for the singularity of his drawings (mixed media on paper). We have presented them in previous exhibitions. His recent works continue this process with unpublished oils on canvas. We wish to prove that Denis Pouppeville is also a painter! His generous impasto, as painting's body and soul, says otherwise the strangeness that defines his universe. The characters of Denis Pouppeville belong neither to the present nor to the past. The top-hat of which they are often capped, is not mark of an era, but a caricatural and paradoxically timeless trait, appearing here and there to meet a purely and only pictorial necessity. They are night owls staying beyond any anecdote. His parisian or from else-where nights, attract a large number of shady queer characters, crooks, mobsters and pimps, mackerels, cod-fish, sardines and few other fishes, girls, mostly prostitutes, and some bourgeois hanging around. Pouppeville gathers and drowns the crowd of these ugly fellows in the jubilatory black colourfulness of his pictures.