Victor SOREN

Childhood presence with Victor SOREN, but darkly drawn with charcoal and black chalk. His drawings relived as his unfulfilled childhood’s obsession, dreams and nightmares. «The green paradise of childhood loves» is irremediably invaded with a silent pain, as an echoing the blackness of the great Austrian artist Alfred Kubin (1877-1959).



Born in 1967, spent his childhood in Le Pouliguen (Bretagne). After a mediocre schooling, he entered the Fine art school in Nantes for only a few months. Then he locks himself in an old house in Nantes loaned from his grandmother. Every night, he was drawing with a great exaltation. He did not frequent the local art scene and never shews his drawings. After a few years in Bretagne, he moved to Paris where he met Louis Pons’s work. The gallery Béatrice Soulié then organized his first exhibition. He meets ART aujourd’hui gallery in 2015 and participates in the exhibition The Angel of the Odd (Jan.-Feb. 2016).

  2009 and 2011: Personal exhibition, Gallery Beatrice Soulié, Paris

 2010: Group exhibition «Around Kubin» at the Abbey of Auberive

 2011: Group exhibition «Le Salon des Refusés» galerie Béatrice Soulié, Paris.

 2013 - 2015: Outsider Art Fair Paris.

 2014 – Carnaval de nuit, galerie Espace Eqart, Marciac, (Gers)

5 drawings by Soren in permanence at the gallery: