Serge Saunière

A long stay in Japan where he practised calligraphy with great masters, has deeply influenced his work. The concentration and precision of gesture, essential elements of the Japanese tradition (Let's think of the martial arts...) fed his thought and work. Between the black of the ink and the white of the paper, the fluidity of water and the energy of brush produce a subtle harmony, verging to imbalance. On the contrary, the paintings, acrylic on canvas, slowly developed, one layer of transparencies upon another, paradoxically give an impression of spontaneity.

 The tumult and vanities of the world disappear when facing the work of Serge Saunière. His paintings and inks speak about the silence, the wind, the light and the shade. They invite us to meditation.

Marianne Rillon, for exhibition "Between black and white" (march/april 2016)


some paintings : always acrylic, big sizes (almost 130x130cm or 195x130cm)

Ink paintings on paper: